EthCo donates hand sanitizers to Nkhotakota schools

Ethanol Company (EthCo) has donated 1,000 litres of hand sanistizers to be distributed to all schools in Nkhotakota district as one way fighting the Covid-19 pandemic as schools open after a six month shutdown.

Speaking during the presentation ceremony at EthCo offices in Dwangwa on Thursday, EthCo Chief Executive Officer Lusubilo Chakaniza said the donation fulfils a promise the company made at the beginning of the year when it made a similar donation to the District Health Sector in Nkhotakota that EthCo would continue to soldier on with the District Council in the fight of the pandemic, which is still an ongoing problem.

“We understand the worry that all teachers and learners have about catching the virus as schools are reopening in bubbles. We also understand the funding constraints that Government, let alone the district have, to enable proper management of the pandemic. Hence today, we are stepping in to make a donation of 1,000 litres of SafeHands Hand Sanitiser to be distributed to all schools in the district,” said Chakaniza.

She said while the company believes that donations are a good way of supporting a community, EthCo has moved a step further and is focusing on a Creating Shared Value approach, which is a way of integrating all its stakeholders in the management of the business.

“We have identified four key focus areas namely rural development, environment, education and health and safety where we would have the most impact in line with our strategy and operations and the donation we are making today cuts across two of the four areas,” said Chakaniza.

Newly appointed District Commissioner for Nkhotakota Blessings Nkhoma thanked EthCo for the donation saying it will benefit all the 162 primary schools in the district to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“You have done the right thing at the right time. Washing hands and sanitizing will now become the norm and we thank EthCo for the good gesture. We hope other companies will emulate the example that you have set,” said Nkhoma.

A representative of the District Education Office Dorothy Yatina said the schools opened with Standard eight pupils who are due to sit for their national examinations and the office conducted training of teachers, community members and parents on the preventive measures of Covid-19 pandemic.

EthCo, a subsidiary of conglomerate Press Corporation plc has made several donations of hand sanitizers to Nkhotakota District as well as Ministry of Health to help in the fight against Covid-19.

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