Ethanol Company Limited’s distillery is strategically located next to the source of the main raw material, at Dwangwa Sugar Estate in Nkhotakota district, making it easier to handle inbound logistics for the benefit of the company’s customers.

The Company produce and sell three grades of Ethanol namely: Fuel Ethanol, Extra Neutral Alcohol and Rectified Alcohol. EthCo also sell unprocessed carbon dioxide to the newly established Carbon Dioxide and Allied Products Company. The ‘normal selling season’ starts in June and ends in December every year. This is due to the seasonality of the company’s main raw material, molasses.

As a pioneer and leading producer of different grades of ethanol in Malawi, Ethanol Company Limited’s products are manufactured in compliance with stringent standards of plant operations, quality and safety. The company’s operations are closely monitored; this facilitates a high degree of control over its production ensuring high quality products.

Ethanol Company Limited’s market is both local and export. The local market largely comprises of the petroleum companies, the beverage industry, as well as the medical industry. The export market is predominantly alcoholic beverages in nature. Historically the company has been exporting to Tanzania, Uganda, DR Congo, Zambia and Mozambique. EthCo has traditionally looked to leverage the export potential of its products. The company has initiated the process of aligning to emerging exports trends and is continuously in the process of establishing facilities and operations that are in compliance with best manufacturing practices.

EthCo always strive to achieve excellence through proactively addressing customer needs and requirements. Integral to this approach is the identification and development of customized solutions to our varying customer needs.

For sales enquiries you may contact us on the following:

Telephone: +265 1 295 200


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