We produce Extra Neutral Alcohol (96.0% alcohol), Fuel Ethanol (99.5% Alcohol) and Rectified Alcohol (95.0%)

SafeHands Hand sanitizer is made from food grade ethanol and is ideal for food handlers and those sensitive to odours of impurities commonly found in ethanol.

SafeSurface Disinfectant is a fast acting, ready to use chlorine free disinfectant that is safe for most non-porous surfaces and does not leave residuals of harmful chemicals after drying.

ethco Gel chafing fuel provides optimal heat output with a clean flame helping you to enjoy your food warming experience with extra ease and comfort.

Ethanol Company Limited

Ethanol Company Limited is a molasses based alcohol distillery within Dwangwa Sugar Estate in Malawi. The distillery was commissioned in 1982 in response to fuel crisis in the late 1970s EthCo’s traditional products are as follows:
  1. Food Grade Ethanol (96%),
  2. Fuel Ethanol (99.5%) and
  3. Rectified or Industrial Ethanol (96%)

Leading the way in the production of Food Grade Ethanol (Extra Neutral Alcohol)

Fuel Ethanol is a non food grade alcohol. It is used as a blend component in petrol.

This is a very good solvent and is also used as methylated spirit etc

The product is used as a basic alcohol in distilled spirits.

For hand sanitising, disinfection, cleaning and deodorisation

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