What is the procedure for buying SafeHandsTM Hand Sanitiser?

EthCo trades on a Business to Business platform and so packaging available is 5 Litres, 20 Litres and 200 Litres. However, we are working with some SMEs and these are being given authorization to re-pack our products into smaller containers subject to meeting the necessary requirements.

For more details on how you can buy our hand sanitiser, contant us on the following numbers: +265 1295 200 or +265 885 914 754/5.

Q: How many variants of SafeHandsTM Hand Sanitiser are there?

Safe Hands currently comes in three variants. All three contain 80% ethanol and meet the National requirements.

      • SafeHandsTM Premium is made from food grade ethanol and is ideal for food handlers and those sensitive to odours of impurities commonly found in ethanol.
      • SafeHandsTM Ukhondo is made from industrial grade ethanol and is designed to be effective but also affordable. It is appropriate for anyone who is not sensitive to odours of impurities commonly found in ethanol
      • SafeHandsTM Plus is reserve for customer based formulations where additional ingredients are requested. The minimum order quantity for SafeHandsTM plus is 2000 litres.

Extra Neutral AlcoholExtra Neutral Alcohol is a food grade alcohol. It is the company's major product with 65% as its share of sales. The product is used as a basic alcohol in distilled spirits like Vodka, Malawi Gin etc. Locally Malawi Distilleries Limited is a ready market for this product. It is widely exported into neighboring countries.

In the pharmaceutical industry, Extra Neutral Alcohol is a prime carrier for a whole spectrum of medicines and is therefore used for processing a wide range of drugs. It is also a good disinfectant as methylated spirit.


A fast acting, ready to use chlorine free disinfectant that is safe for most non-porous surfaces and does not leave residuals of harmful chemicals after drying. This product does not require rinsing off after application and is effective against a wide range of harmful pathogens including the Human Corona Virus.


SafeSurface is a single step disinfectant, fungicide, tuberculocide, virucide, cleaner and deodorant specially formulated for general cleaning, disinfecting as well as deodorizing nonporous hard surfaces. (This product is not designed to be used on people or animals)



Fuel EthanolFuel Ethanol is a non food grade alcohol. It is used as a blend component in petrol. Malawi is among a few countries in the world producing and using Fuel Ethanol, currently with a national blend of up to 20% alcohol in its petrol.

Petroleum companies are the sole buyers of this product. Ensuring full enforcement of mandatory blending can further increase the size of Fuel Ethanol market locally.

Rectified AlcoholThis is an industrial grade alcohol. Rectified Alcohol has many derivatives which have diverse use in a wide range of industries like chemical, packaging etc. It is one of the most important and versatile products in the Chemical industry.

This is a very good solvent and is also used as methylated spirit among other uses.

Rectified Alcohol can also be used to fuel a Flexi Fuel Vehicle at either 100% or at any combination with Petrol. The Malawi Government recently approved the use of ethanol as a fuel in its own right. Once this policy is implemented, we expect an increase in the size of the local Rectified Alcohol market.